Whimsical opened its doors on February 2024. This idea was revived from the first keyblade clique called Wishing owned by Rose Yumeno. Keyblades are mysterious weapons that share a link with their owners and can be used as weapons and as a means of locking and unlocking anything, be it doors, chests, or links to worlds. Based from the Kingdom Hearts series, keyblades have been known to even unlock both light and darkness to people's hearts. Very little else is known about these tools except they choose their own masters and only choose those with strong hearts.


This official artwork (KH: Birth by Sleep) was designed and coded for resolutions 1600x900 or higher. I also wanted to keep the layout simple and create something a bit different than my usual kind of style. I would like to thank the following sites in various ways. To check out more resources, visit Memento!