Before you proceed onto the form, read the rules below carefully in order to process your application smoothly. Please note that rules established here are subject to change with or without notice. If you have any questions regarding the rules, feel free to contact me.

Only one keyblade, per person.
You may change your keyblade as much as you want as long as you submit an update form. Everyone is allowed to select the same keyblade!
Have the code up BEFORE you join.
A link to where you placed the code prior to submitting your form is required. If it's impossible for me to find the code on the stated link, then I have the right to reject your application without notice. The whole point of cliques is that the code is meant to be seen by everyone else and it should not be buried deep in your site.
You must have a website to link to this clique.
The site you provide must be owned or co-owned by you. Tasteful/artistic nudity is accepted. However, porn/hentai, hate, troll, social media, forums, and common-sense illegal sites are NOT allowed. Coming soon/hiatus sites are perfectly fine as long as the link to the clique on your site is present.
Do NOT direct link the sprites.
If you decide to link the clique using a sprite, please upload it onto your own server.
Use the update form to keep your information and the link to this clique up-to-date.
Link checks are done every other month starting February of the year. If the code is not present, I will assume you wish to not be a part of this clique and you will be removed without notice. If you can find your link on this clique easily, it should be the same for my clique on yours!
If you've read all the rules stated above, it means you've understood and acknowledged them. You may now head onto the join form here!