If you enjoy this humble clique of mine, feedbacks are appreciated by signing the guestbook. And if you prefer to use a button to link back, I've provided a few for you to choose from. Customed designs are welcome as well. Click here to send it in!


If you have a clique and would like to affiliate/link exchange, please let me know!

  1. Afternoon Tea - For folks to create their own unique teacup designs
  2. CDwORLD - A pixel-art clique for music lovers and avid CD collectors
  3. Domain Whores - For people who own at least three domain names
  4. Exvius - A Final Fantasy clique where your guardian protects your crystal
  5. Fizzy Vendor - You customize your own beverage and add it to a vending machine
  6. I Choose You! - Choose your favorite Pokemon to protect your site
  7. Jar Jam - For folks to design their own jar using little jar base provided
  8. Kitty Friends - Pixel design club where you design your favorite cats
  9. Sticker Sheet - Design, collect, and display pixel stickers on a sheet table